Broadlink RM Pro reads state of entire remote on single button learn

Good day,

I’m not sure if this was posted already but couldn’t find anything on it.

Whenever I try to learn a button from my AC with the Broadlink RM Pro remote it seems like the current state/settings on the entire remote are learned on button press. Example: If the current settings on the remote are Fan Speed: Low, AC Display: On, Temp: 24 etc. and i’m only trying to learn the Display (Light) button. The broadlink will learn the button however all those settings will also be sent to the AC and not just power on or off. It does this on Home Assistant as well.

It’s annoying because I sleep with different settings than when I’m awake. So if I trigger an automation to turn off the AC display when I go to bed. It changes all of the AC settings back to default (the state of the entire remote when the button was read). I’m not sure if anyone else encountered this issue.

Note: My AC unit is a Daikin 12000 BTU Unit. Not sure of the exact model.

Is there a fix or a way around this?

AC systems tend to work that way. You can confirm this by just using the AC remote if you cover the remote with your hand the remote will think it has successfully sent the command. When you uncover the remote and hit a button, all the details are sent again. For example,

  • With “swing” turned off, cover the remote and turn “swing” on. Nothing happens on the AC.
  • Now uncover the remote and change the temperature. Swing “magically” turns on.

There is a custom integration, SmartIR, that can do what you’re after and you don’t even have to learn remote commands - given the AC model, it knows them.