Broadlink RM04 pro universal remote as trigger

I have a broadlink rm4 set up as part of my HA installation.
It works great to send commands from HA to various devices.

I want to use the input from a “universal remote” to control HA.

I have a cheap “wireless doorbell” - the (battery powered) push button sends a 433mhz RF signal to the (mains wired) “chime”.
I can use service.remote.send_command to activate the chime from HA, but I can’t see a way of detecting if a command has been received by the RM4

what I want to do:
Have HA activate an automation when the push button is activated.

The idea being that I can then switch off the power to the chime at night (so it doesn’t set my dogs barking), and/or redirect it to a way of notifying me.

<edit: longer term, i’d like to use either (or both) a RF and IR remotes to control other automations.
for eg, TV remote that will activate a scene if the “red button” is pressed - but only if I’m sat in my favourite chair, and it’s dark outside.
It would be nice if I could do all this via one “normal” remote control, rather than using (say) a dashboard on my phone>

You can’t do that with a Broadlink.
They only listen for commands when told to do so, and that is when they learn.

What you need is an ESP-Home device that can listen for the button.

seems like that should be a large part of the functionality of the RM :frowning:

I had several projects in mind - was hoping I could run them all via the broadlink.

looks like a homebrew RF + IR sensor is going on the project list - although I wonder how hard it would be to implement the functionality I want in the broadlink integration. :thinking:

Well, Broadlink markets it as a wifi remote, nothing more.
What you believed or hoped is something different.

Probably a lot harder than building it yourself with ESP-Home.
Unless you manage to get Broadlink with a ESP chip inside then it could be easy.

The broadlink is capable of receiving data from peripherals via RF - just not the “remotes”?

No. The broadlink is broadcast only. When you “teach” it a command it writes it to a file; when it sends the command, it reads it from the file. It has no way of knowing whether the command has been received - or come to that whether the device it is sending to even exists.

If the broadlink is integrated with HA you can find the commands in config/.storage and you can copy them to create switches. Don’t try to edit them, though, they’re json.

Even in its pure form using Broadlink cloud there is a LED that is lit up when it’s in receiving mode.
If you replace the chip inside to an ESP then you could probably do it.
But this is undocumented territorium and the difference in price between just an ESP and an ESP plus RF chip is marginal.

When it’s in receiving mode the broadlink is receiving from the remote you’re using to train it, not the device the remote controls. All it’s doing is copying the code the remote sends.

Why not use a Shelly button for the doorbell?
There is a blueprint available that works a treat.
Just extend the automation to ring the doorbell using your RF commands when appropriate.

Thanks everyone.
I guess my other project of using the RM to pick up the data from my garden weather station isn’t going to work either.

Plan B, it is, then. :+1: