Broadlink RM3 mini: Help me programming IR signal of 2 seconds hold for Kalor IR Pellet Heater

Can someone help me programming IR signal of 2 seconds for Kalor IR Pellet Heater.
The pellet heater is controlled by IR base64 code signals.
I can program all the buttons in my Broadlink RM3 mini exept THE MOST IMPOTANT ONE: POWER ON/OFF.

The problem: to activate you need to hold it 2seconds and only then it lights up.
Short press won’t work, so if I program my broadlink it has a too short signal or it sends a to short signal:
I tried to program it twice and it did not work.

“pelletkachel”: {

How can i program IR signal for 2 seconds? So I can power on my Kalor pellet heater?

Maybe creating a automation to duplicate/extend the signal when you hit the button/switch? But i dont know if hassio automation is fast enough. Or maybe a Node Red automation?

edit: i would try it BIG. So, put a lot off the same IR signal in a script/automation or other thing, and try it :wink:
I hate this kind of things. When you think you get it all, some factory screw it up by adding delays and stuff :laughing: hack it, untill you get what you want :muscle:

Kalor should be able to deal with Duepi Evo wifi
Work in progress though…