Broadlink rm4 mini - Send commands to HA

I am not sure this is possible, but i have no idea how to search for this.
I wat to use IR remote to send commands to the broadlink rm4 mini and that to trigger some script in Home Assistant.
In theory this should work, since this is basically the same as when learning command, but not sure it can be used outside learning commands.

I don’t personally have the Broadlink RM4 Mini but the HA documentation looks quite thorough: Broadlink - Home Assistant

Hopefully that gives you some answers…

No, it does not give an answer to the OP question.

As far, as I know, this is not have been done yet.
The HA integration is only used to learn codes and send them out on request from HA, but not to receive them and use as a trigger. It only receives codes, when in LEARNING mode.

I was doing some reading about this on a Node Red related item and it seems the device only receives when in Learning mode:

Interested in seeing what others have found as it’s a neat use case. I use something similar at the moment but with RF - which I use the Sonoff RF Bridge.

Yea, that is what i expected as well, but wanted to confirm.
Do you know of any device that will allow me to do this?

That is vey interesting tread, but unfortunately it confirms that at least for now, what i want is not possible with the broadlink. I will have to search for other solutions.

maybe this club do have a solution?