Broadlink RMPro Slow Commands

I have 3 RMPro’s up and running and just a literal ton of scrips that use remote.send_command to the RM Pro’s

Everything has worked great for months; but, now - I’m getting intermittent lags of up to 20 seconds between keypress and the RM Pro firing the command. The delay is noted in the logs as a Network timeout: No response received within 5s

Then, it works fine for awhile, then lags again.

No changes have been made to network infrastructure. I’ve completed troubleshooting such as rebooting routers, updating HA, cold restart of HA, rebooting RM Pro (which works from from native Broadlink app).

I’ve read forum posts of this issue occurring a few years ago and attempted the fixes in those threads.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Or, have any suggestions regarding where to start troubleshooting?

I don’t use the pro, only the mini, but they are also wifi aren’t they? If so then you may have wifi interference, try playing with your wifi channels and see if you can find a channel that doesn’t have that interference on it. I just dealt with this myself recently where my main wifi network was super sluggish to downright not responding and I went through the channels on my mesh until I found a channel that was clear and that was all it took.

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Thanks for the suggestion and there’s a good chance that may be an issue. I just had starlink installed last week and haven’t figured out how to disable the wi-fi broadcast on their router. No clue what channel it’s using.

I’ll give it shot, thanks for responding!