Broken plug 1 day after flashed with Tasmota?

I tried to flash some Gosund SP1 sockets with tuya-convert, which worked fine so far with 3 of 10 devices.
However, as I´m playing around with Tasmota, HA and MQTT, i noticed that 1 socket won´t turn on anymore. I can access it from the Tasmota Webinterface, and can also toggle on and off, but the socket does not make the “switching click”. Strange that it was workiing yesterday when I flashed it

Is there a possiblity that i could be bricked because of Tasmota, or could it be just a coincidence? I guess there is nothing I can do with this socket anymore?


Unlikely to be caused by Tasmota.

First check that the correct gpio are still being assigned. If so, then…

You could try re-flashing it with Tasmota, or the original firmware. Tuya convert saves a copy before converting. I have no idea where though. You may have to research this.

If none of that works - warranty claim.

I m better quitting it all. I tried the next socket, and it has the same issues - I can’t turn it on through the hardware button nor put it into pairing mode for another try.

2 out of 4 bricked (although I can reach them both with webinterface - But I don’t want to lose my other working ones :frowning_face:

Sounds very like you do not have the correct Tasmota template / device specified and once you do they will operate as you expect.

Which template are you using?

According the the docs you should be configuring Tasmota this way:

There are several clones of this device – use the Teckin device:

  • Gosund SP1 (Version 2.3 and 2.4)
    • To configure select Gosund SP1 v23 (55) or console command Module 55
  • BlitzWolf SHP2 (Version 2.3 and 2.4)

See: Gosund SP1 - Tasmota

I have the same template specified like the 2 working sockets: “Gosund SP1 v23 (55)”, as they are all Gosund SP1. However, they all have been bought between 2018 and 2019, so I don’t know if they have all the same Hardware version.

I tried some generic templates and GPIO Settings, but since I started with Tasmota 2 days ago, I’m not quite familiar with it all.

Do I have to test some other device templates?

Thanks, I’ll look into into right away

You could try the BlitzWolf SHP2.

I love you, man. Thanks a lot. I was about to throw them out of the window.

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