Browser_mod : Browser ID changing then coming back ... :-(

Hi there,

I am using a wall mounted tablet running Fully Kiosk Browser, and Browser_mod to popup video stream when someone rings the door.

all was working fin for a couple of days, but recently I discovered that the browser_id changed from “Lenovo-tablette” towards something like “96408fae-fbxxx”. I probably exitted FKB or restarted the tablet, no worries, I changed my automation to reflect “96408fae-fbxxx” instead of the “lenovo-tablette” I had previously configured … and all worked again.

But this morning, I see that popup is again not working, and that on the tablet, browser_mod menu says the ID changed back to “lenovo-tablette”.

Do you also have this issue with the ID changing all the time ?
And specially here it came back to the previous ID I had set ?!?

Do we know why browser_ID is changing times to times and how the ID is built ?

Many thanks for your feedback !!