Browser_mod.close_popup doesn´t work


I am trying to figure out how to automatically open a popup on my tablet which shows my camera in front of my door. But somehow it only opens the popup but doesn’t close it anymore.
Am I missing something, or did I misunderstand something?

  - alias: Popup Klingel
    id: '1636682946210'
      - platform: numeric_state
          - sensor.klingel
        above: 0.5
    - condition: template
      value_template: >
        {{ now() > state_attr('automation.klingel','last_triggered') + timedelta(seconds=60) }}
    - service: browser_mod.popup
        large: true
          type: picture-entity
          entity: camera.aussenkamera_hd
          camera_view: live
          - ea5c294d-3f550aab
    - delay: "00:10:00"
    - service: browser_mod.close_popup
          - ea5c294d-3f550aab
    mode: single

Could it be a problem that I am running fully kiosk browser on the tablet?
Second problem: I use the screensaver of the fully kiosk browser. Can I automatically disable it when the popup is opened and activate it when the popup is closed again?

I just can’t get it working…

I am doing pretty much the same thing successfully, i.e. I open popups on tablets and close them with browser_mod. The difference to your setup is that I have split this into 2 separate automations, because my doorbell has a binary sensor, and I use its state change to trigger the 2 automations.
I am using Fully Kiosk on my tablets.

Have you tried this automation with another browser_mod client, like a web browser on your PC?

I have configured Fully Kiosk to activate the screen when motion is detected, so in my automation after opening the popup, I trigger a motion detected event in Fully Kiosk using its rest command API (triggerMotion). That takes care of increasing brightness and then Fully Kiosk just dims the screen again after a while.

The activation of the screen works now.
Somehow the popup doesn’t even open now anymore, although I didn’t change anything…

Did you figure this out? - service: browser_mod.close_popup stopped working for me and it’s not possible to contact @thomasloven anymore I don’t think?
Now when I call close_popup the popup ever so briefly disappears then just reappears again