🔹 Browser_mod - turn your browser into a controllable device, and a media_player

I don’t have any Android devices to test with but it should work as expected. Animations look good on my devices.

Is there a way to register the browser in browser_mod 2 without using the sidebar? I hide all of that stuff on tablets and it would be much easier to simply add a card, do the registration and then remove the card afterwards, without having to undo all of the side panel hiding etc.

hi, before the update I used the navigation service to move between the various home assistant areas.
Now the browser_mod.navigate service doesn’t work for me when used in a template switch:
This is the code:

  - platform: template
        value_template: >-
          {% if states('sensor.hacs') > '0'  %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
          service: browser_mod.navigate
            path: /hacs/entry/
          service: browser_mod.navigate
            path: /hacs/entry/

Someone who can help me pleaseee!!!

How hard is it to revert back to the last 1.5.3 version and regain the features that I have lost since upgrading? Has anyone done that already? I did manage to get my dashboard card pop-ups working again so if I roll back to 1.5.3 will they still work with the new coding or will I have to revert back that to the previous configurations? Its a deal breaker for me that my wall tablet running Fully Kiosk can no longer be found as a camera entity so I lots a window in to my kitchen for surveillance.

Or has anyone else managed to over come this and can share some tips?

Have you enabled the browser_mod camera on the device?

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Welcome to the forum. Please format your posts. It is difficult to read the code you posted.

This service call still works fine with browser_mod 2.0.

service: browser_mod.navigate
  path: /hacs/entry

Hiding the sidebar on any or all devices is a simple toggle. How can that possibly be more work than adding and removing a card?

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Hi @jazzyisj

Thanx for the reply. How do I get the tablet which is running Fully Kiosk to pop the browser window so that the tablets id then comes in to the Browser_mod interface? I have enabled that option for other device browsers, but so far the wall tablet didn’t show up.

Can you not open the sidebar on your kiosk tablet? If not you may have hidden it with browser mod already.

Make sure you are logged into a HASS dashboard as an admin. Go to the front end settings and make sure the sidebar hidden setting is false for your kiosk tablet. Click the edit pencil to change if necessary.

If not, DELETE the browser mod registration for the kiosk table from the admin dashboard browser mod, refresh the kiosk tablet. You should be able to open the sidebar to access browser mod.

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Thanx found it. In browser mod. There was only the GLOBAL DEFAULT under browser settings. So I added a user and selected my wall tablet.

The switch is off which gives false.

What does this seeing actually do? If it to hide the side bar on the wall tablet? I’m not at home so can’t check but before the fully kiosk was set up to display full screen without the HA side bar.

Edit: oooohh I like it! So now I can set my wife’s phone to only use the dashboard that I created for mobile screens! :heart_eyes:

But how do I pop the wall tablets Brower so it shows up in browser_mod? I have full admin remote access to fully kiosk available here with me.

Thanx for your help and guidance.

Yes that settings hides the sidebar so you don’t see the hamburger menu on the top left.

If you only have a couple of browsers registered, I would delete all of them in the browser mod settings and start over. Sounds like you changed some things and you weren’t quite sure what they did. Don’t hide any of the side bars until you are sure the browser mod settings are correct for that browser.

Your quite welcome :slight_smile:

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I only have 3 registered in the browser_mod settings. And I edited their names as the poured up to aid recognising then to the device. They each got added when I went to the devices browser and then to HA from there.
So what I’m not sure about it how to get the wall tablet to appear in the browser_mod as a registered device.
Ok thinking about it as I write, so I need to physically open the wall tablet side panel and go to browser_mod menu, then add “this browser” as a device in HA. Is that right?

Yup that is correct.

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Thank you so much! In one small response you have totally changed my view of the new browser_mod v.2!

Guys… am i right that if i hide header i also disable sidebar? I’m running fully kiosk and with “hide header” set to true i can’t access sidebar (at least i don’t know how - if i swipe from left to right fully settings appear). Is this correct behaviour?

Second: is there any way to enable/disable these show/hide settings from card? Let me explain: i don’t hide my header/sidebar to prevent persons from browsing, but for lovelace to “look nice”. Currently i’m using kiosk hacs add-on and i can disable it from lovelace card with toggling “input_boolean” defined for it. Can be same achieved here? Since it would make hacs kiosk addon needless then…

No I don’t think the two are linked. As last just now with the help of my daughter who’s at home, I hide the side bar and it doesn’t hide the header. So I assume the reverse would be true.

So I managed to sort out the wall tablet. But not so much joy with my wife’s iPhone. I wanted to set the default dashboard from browser_mod and also hide the side bar and header. However initially it looks like it worked, but then when the user refreshes the page by dragging down from top of the screen, the original header is back with the hamburger side menu button!

Is there something else to be done for iPhones? I know that Apple are very conservative on third party app controls… Ok the android wall tablet and my phone it all works as expected.

Once you’ve hidden the side bar on a device you have to disable that from an admin account browser, as far as I know anyway. But yes, with browser mod once it’s hidden, it’s hidden.

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Yep, you’re right, thanks. If i have “always hide sidebar” enabled in personal settings then sidebar is also unavailable when i hide header from browser mod. However, if sidebar is set to visible then it’s there. Good to know.
OK, if a person is not admin then there’s not much to do with that account anyway, so it’s acceptable. Before i used kiosk on/off switch to, say, reselect lovelace when blank page appeared on tablet - before at login (or sometimes reset) default lovelace appeared and if a person didn’t have access to it a blank page appeared, so i’ve had to select person’s lovelace manually from sidebar. Now i can assign default lovelace for each user in browser mod, so that doesn’t happen anymore.

Hi, I want to join your discussion, you wrote that you were having problems with the dashboards, I explain my problem to understand if it is the same as yours: I begin to use two dashboards one main that I use for the PC and one for the android tablet with the app (wall dashboard) after updating to browser_mod 2, in the tablet I seem to have a blank page and to view it I have to restart HA or do many refreshes, is it the same problem you had? and is yes can you explain to me the various steps of how you solved it? thank you