🔹 Browser_mod - turn your browser into a controllable device, and a media_player

@thomasloven first thank you for this component. Looking for a bit of advise:
I’ve tried to remove the media_player, light and sensor with different combinations of this, but they (entities) keep showing up:

    name: JP-PHONE-INT 
      - light
      - media_player
      - sensor
  - all
prefix: "browser_"

thank you

Did you install the master version from github, or the latest release in HACS?

Uff not sure about the initial install, but I’ve definitely been updating it from HACS since the las 5 or 6 revisions.

Then it’s not included yet. It’s an unreleased feature on HACS as of yet.

@thomasloven thank you for your time. I’ve pulled from master now and works as you indicated.

How can I monitor the battery levels? I am using fully kiosk and can see them under the sensor but how can I monitor just the battery? I want to set an automation to turn on and off a plug when the battery is at 20 and 80%

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Loving brower_mod, but I had an issue a couple days ago. I have been using Fully Kiosk Browser as my alarm panel on a samsung tablet. When I came home I noticed my entry MP3 sound was not playing. After some troubleshooting I realized the device ID had changed. Is there any reason why the device ID for a Fully Kiosk Browser would change?

In fully Kiosk the device ID is the same as the built-in fully kiosk one (which you can see from the FK menu). If that changes :man_shrugging:



Browser_mod should now be a 1:1, syntax compatible replacement for popup-card.


Amazing! You made my day!
Thanks so much!

Does this custom component work with the official HA Android app or browser only?

works with app

The official apps are just browsers with some fancy extra functions.

That’s what I thought but for some reason the deviceIDs are different than the browser on the same device.

I’m trying to get the ring camera to show the live feed on each of my tablets when there is motion but I’m having a really hard time figuring it out. I installed using HACS. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

Thanks in advance

I upgraded to the newest iOS app last week. I was not surprised that Browser_mod issued a new DeviceID after the update. However, I have been getting a new deviceID issued by Browser_mod for my iPhone app on almost a daily basis since then. This was not the case with the the previous version of the iOS app. I only access HA on my phone via the app.

is anyone else seeing this? Any ideas why this could be happening?

Do you need to log in every time?

I am not being asked to log in each time. I wonder though, could it be that I am using the new internal and external URL feature? Would both of those connections get a different device ID even if I was not logging in each time?

They would get different deviceIDs, yes. But they should stay the same for the same connection.

ok, makes sense. I don’t suppose that I can use the same name: in the config entry for each?