BRUH DIY Multisensor


Have you finished the “bruh case” for lolin boards? I have a couple that still need case


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I’m not getting this to work… :thinking:
My HASS entities are coming up as “unknown” and checking my arduino serial monitor I can see that the NodeMCU is connecting to the wifi and mqtt and setting the LED but none of the sensors are coming up? Below is my IDE serial monitor print out:

calibrating sensor Starting Node named MultiSense Livingroom

Connecting to Wifi
WiFi connected
_IP address: _
Setting LEDs:
r: 0, g: 0, b: 0
Attempting MQTT connection…connected
Setting LEDs:
r: 0, g: 0, b: 0

I tripple checked all the wiring on the components, where am I going wrong?


Hello lambtho.
Could you share the multisensor .ino code with ultrasonic sensor?


Does anyone know how to make the multisensor faster in motion detection?
It takes me 4 or 5 seconds to turn on a light.


Try giving it a fixed IP address instead of DHCP assigning one to it.


Thanks for answer.
Forgive me my lack of knowledge in my next question.

In which part of the .ino code do I define a static ip?

ps: Does your multisensor take a long time to turn on a light? Even the LED of the ESP 8266 itself takes a while to light. Could you share the code you used? I have tried several versions and all are slow.


You set it on your router so instead of the ESP8266 asking for an IP address from the router it gets assigned the same address as soon as it is online. This should save a few seconds delay.

You will need to know the MAC address of the ESP8266 then on your router under address reservation or similar give it a spare IP address.

Mine takes about 1-2 seconds to react, this is generally down due to MQTT delay which there is nothing to resolve that.


Thank you so much.
I’m going check and i’ll tell here.


I built two of these “multi sensors” but I found both unreliable long term. It would randomly stop responding, longish delays sending commands to MQTT and the like.

I love BRUH and his work, but for my “multi-sensors” I am now using ESPEasy, though I do believe TASMOTA can also handle the task. I just use ESPEasy as it allowed me to very easily integrate a 0.94" OLED display into the sensor.
Also, the AM312 detectors used for motion have a 1 to 2 second lag. Any other motion sensor seems to get a lot of false positives due to the WiFi signal though, so I take the 1 to 2 second lag. or mount the PIR sensor away from the ESP8266.

I wanted to love the BRUH Multi-sensor, but it was just not reliable for me.

Just my experience. I know some have it working well.


Hey Brendan- Can you point me in the direction of a build guide for the ESPEasy sensor?

I’m interested in evaluating that as an alternative to the GRUH sensor.

Thank you!


ESPeasy is an alternate firmware.
You can Google it, it’s written by a company called Let’s Control It. It is free, open source and the Arduino source sketch is available for download also.

I’ll get you a link later as I am mobile at the moment, but if you Google it you should be able to find it. The download link is on their wiki pages.

Just build it the same physically as the Bruh type, though I don’t use the multi colour LED as I don’t want that on my motion detectors.
You just set the pins each sensor is on in the admin interface.


Sorry for the delay.

ESPEasy info can be found here, including download links.

I use the ESPEasy-Mega (Version 2) but the earlier versions runs pretty well also.

I did do one with an LED, but I used a NeoPixel instead of the Analog LED, Uses one data pin and can do virtually all colours and very easily controlled with MQTT Commands.

Getting it into home assistant is easy. The “OpenHAB” Controller is very generic and just sends topics out. No JSON formatting to worry about. Just have your Home Assistant sensors read the topics.


which pins to connect MQ2 and MQ135 to ESP8266 board?


D5-8 are available last I checked.


D5 is already defined for PIRPIN
#define PIRPIN D5

I don’t see any pin being defined in MQ2 and MQ35 sketch


define MQ_SENSOR_ANALOG_PIN is the pin you’re looking for


would you mind to share your Arduino sketch? if so please show how connect MQ2 and MQ135 to ESP8266.

Thanks a lot.


I’ve got my sensors - based upon the original Bruh’s code - working much more reliably after changing some pins. The problem is, that a certain voltage on some pins changes the boot mode of the ESP board. I’ve made a pull request, but since Bruh seems to be inactive i didn’t get any feedback.


Are you able to post bin. file for flashing the nodemcu with espeasy? I have problems with arduino