BRUH DIY Multisensor


So I also used the BRUH automation script as a base for my sensors. I ended up hiding it a little differently though. I built this out of some steel I had around. I hid the node in the head, sensors mount on the sides of his head. Not done yet, but working on it.


Any one else getting this error?
Invalid config for [light.mqtt]:[flash] is an invalid option for [light.mqtt].

Any ideas on how to fix it? Im getting the same error on my BRUH led strip


I had that with 0.87.0 so I just removed it from the MQTT config. Per the docs flashing is not supported with the light MQTT schema.


Cheers. I did just comment it out and it seemed ok.


I set this up last saturday with esphome and it was super easy. Took me around 10 minutes after i understand what to do.
I also had trouble with a lot of my zigbee2mqtt devices and ended up deleting them and used mqtt autodicovery to add them again.


Hi everyone, i find the Bruh pir sensor is very short range, so i wonder if the RCWL-0516 radar motion sensor will work with this build?


i’ve ordered the components for this project except the enclosure. I think i’ll try my luck with a pringles enclosure and see how it goes.
Are still BRUH’s instructions valid or is there any updated version (or better alternatives) for hassio?