BSB-Lan component

BSB-Lan is a boiler system bus over lan interface. It consist of an Arduino with a custom board that is connected to the heating system over BSB connection. Here is the git page
BSB-Lan git

On the Arduino runs a server that has multiple interfaces to communicate with. MQTT and post are 2 of them.

I have now written a sensor and climate component

It names the entity by reading out the name of the sensor from BSB-Lan config. So the language depends on how you setup your BSB-Lan Arduino server. BSB-LAN is now multi-language. But only German and English and a bit of Dutch is translated well. More languages are underway

Please I need some helpt with testing!

Ok it took a bit more time than I expected to get it working nicely.
But finally here is my first custom component!
It only contains a sensor for now. Climate module is the next on my list if all goes well.

It is easy to configure. You need to add only your host ip followed by /JQ and the parameters you want to read.

The climate component is now ready for testing.
If some has on of these heating system:

  • Atlantic Alféa Extensa + [RVS21.831F] (heat pump)
  • Austria Email LWPK 8 [RVS21.831] (heat pump)
  • Baxi Luna Platinum + [LMS15] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje BBK 22E [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje BBK 22F [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje BBS Pro Evo 15C [LMU74] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje BSK 20 [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje EcoCondens BBS 15E [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje EcoCondens BBS 20E [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje EcoCondens BBS 28C [LMU7] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje EcoCondens BBS EVO 20G [LMS15] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje EcoSolar Kompakt BMR 20/24 [LMS15] (gas-fired + solar)
  • Brötje EcoTherm Kompakt WMS 12 [LMS 15] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje EcoTherm Kompakt WMS 24 [LMS 15] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje EcoTherm Plus BBS2N.28 [LMU 64] (gas-fired) (by usage of OCI420 via LPB!)
  • Brötje EcoTherm Plus WGB2N.20 [LMU 64] (gas-fired) (by usage of OCI420 via LPB!)
  • Brötje ISR-SSR [RVS63.283]
  • Brötje ISR-ZR1 [RVS46.530]
  • Brötje LogoBloc Unit L-UB 25C [RVS43.122] (oil-fired)
  • Brötje NovoCondens BOB 20 [RVS43.325] (oil-fired)
  • Brötje NovoCondens SOB 26 [RVA63.242] (oil-fired) {LPB_only}
  • Brötje NovoCondens SOB 22C [RVS43.222] (oil-fired)
  • Brötje NovoCondens SOB 26C [RVS43.222] (oil-fired) + EWM [RVS75.390]
  • Brötje NovoCondens WOB 20D [RVS43.325] (oil-fired)
  • Brötje SensoTherm BLW 12B [RVS21.825] (heat pump)
  • Brötje SensoTherm BLW 15B [RVS21.825] (heat pump)
  • Brötje SensoTherm BSW 10E [RVS61.843] (heat pump)
  • Brötje SensoTherm BSW-K [RVS61.843] (heat pump)
  • Brötje TrioCondens BGB 20E [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WBS 14D [LMU74] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WBS 14F [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WBS 22E [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB 15E [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB 20C [LMU74] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB-C 20/24H [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB EVO 20H [LMS15] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB EVO 15I [LMS15] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB Pro EVO 20C [LMU75] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB S 17/20E EcoTherm Plus [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Brötje WGB-U 15H [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • CTC 380 IC [RVS43.143] (oil-fired)
  • Deville 9981 [RVA53.140] (oil-fired) {PPS_only}
  • Elco Aerotop G07-14 [RVS61.843] (heat pump)
  • Elco Aerotop T07-16 [RVS61.843] (heat pump)
  • Elco Aerotop T10C [RVS61.843] (heat pump)
  • Elco Aquatop 8es [RVS51.843] (corresponds to CTA Optihead OH1-8es) (heat pump)
  • Elco Straton 21 [RVS63.283] (oil-fired)
  • Elco Thision S Plus 13 [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Elco Thision S 13.1 [LMU7] (gas-fired)
  • Elco Thision S 17.1 [LMU74.100] & [RVS63.283] (gas-fired)
  • Elco Thision S 25.1 [RSV63.283] (gas-fired) + MM [AVS75.390]
  • Fröling Rendagas Plus [RVA63.244] (gas-fired)
  • Fujitsu Waterstage Comfort 10 [RVS21.827] (heat pump)
  • Fujitsu Waterstage WSHA 050 DA [RVS41.813] (heat pump)
  • Fujitsu Waterstage WSYK 160 DC 9 [RVS21.827] (heat pump)
  • Fujitsu Waterstage WSYP 100 DG 6 [RVS21.831] (heat pump)
  • MHG Procon E 25 HS [LMS14] (gas-fired)
  • Sieger TG11 [RVP54.100] (oil-fired) {PPS_only}
  • Weishaupt WTU-25 G with WRS-CPU B2/E [RVS23.220] (oil-fired) {LPB_only}

I would be happy if you could test it out!

I’d like to test the custom component, but first need some clarification:

  • What bsb-lan software version is recommended?
  • I am currently using the passkey method to query my heating system (http://a.b.c.d/xxxx/), is this supported and how do I need to configure it with the component? Add the key to the host entry like a.b.c.d/xxxx/JQ?


Hi Holger,

I have been neglecting this component for a while. Last week I just started updating it again.

The current version isn’t working with the latest home assistant version. They changed the climate system in a few ways. So at home I can’t run the latest home assistant even.

Luckily last weekend I started to update it to make it work with the current dev build and it runs again. I have to do some more testing and will release it in github.

For passkey. I have to implement this and test it. Some parts of the code are there. But there was no testing yet.

The other thing is that I didn’t test it with the latest BSB-Lan firmware. It should work but I am not sure if there were major changes. From my github emails I couldn’t see any warnings from BSB-Lan.

So maybe next weekend I put a release out that is compatible with the current HA. When you want to test it. You need to disable passkey for BSB-Lan. I hope no other persons are on your network. Otherwise you need to wait a little longer.

Thx and regards

About the compatibility with current Home Assistant version, I am gonna write a python lib first to communicate with BSBLan board. This is the required approach for components to communicate with devices. (if I want to submit is to hacs) This will make is also a bit easier and give cleaner code.
So it will take a bit longer than a weekend I suggest. But it will include paskey and other authorizations methods.

No rush. I have built the query and set functionality with a few nodered nodes in the meantime. Was not difficult at all.