Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo micromodule switch not showing up


I recently installed a Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo smart light system.
I have 7 normal switches that I can see into HA correctly and 2 micromodule switches that are not synced up.

I played a bit with the API and i noticed that those who work have the type NLL, instead the micromodules have the type NLM.

Can anoyone tell me if it is supported and/or how to fix this?


This is currently being worked on.

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Thanks @cgtobi! Do you have an ETA for when this will be fixed?

Unfortunately I can’t give an ETA as I’m waiting for upstream review and release. If you really want to try beforehand you can try the custom (beta) component that already contains the changes.

Hi @cgtobi and thanks for your work.

I would like to ask if there is any news on this item please

Hi @cgtobi I’m also very interested in the topic, I have 3 micromodules and I would like to integrate them, and thanks for your work.

you can try the custom component.

In order to use the custom component please follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the official integration
  2. Install HACS
  3. Restart HA
  4. Add the custom integration repo GitHub - cgtobi/netatmo_custom: This repo is a custom component from the beta version of the official HA netatmo component
  5. Add the Netatmo integration

IMPORTANT: You have to use configuration.yaml (for now)