Bug in group of persons?

Hi there! I think I have a bug in my HA, as I’m reading how other people’s person-groups behave differently to mine. I have this config:

  name: Tenants
  all: false
    - person.cXXXX
    - person.mXXXX
#    - person.guest

But the status of this group is only ‘Home’ when everyone is home. I recorded what happens below:

I know ‘all: false’ is the default, but I just wanted to be sure. And changing the value to ‘true’ doesn’t change the behaviour. I reloaded groups and restarted HA a few times, but that doesn’t seem to help either. Is there an error in my code, as it seems the result differs from what should happen according to the documentation? If this is a bug, should I make a github-account and file an issue there, or is that not the way to go when reporting a bug?

Thanks in advance for your help!

It should. From the docs:

when any member of the group is home then the group is home. If you set the all option to true though, this behavior is inverted and all members of the group have to be on for the group to turn on as well.

Group Behaviour

Looks like someone already has:

Adding your gif and explination would help.

Probably caused by this issue:

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Thanks! I added the gif and explanation.