Buienradar automation closing covers


I want to start automating a few things depending on the weather forecast and last 24 hours. One of them is, when it’s going to rain and my sun cover is open I want to auto close it in time.

I’m using the Buienradar integration but can’t figure out which of the 108(!) entities I should use… Precipitation is not giving the ‘forecast’ when I view the history?

You will first need to enable the sensor: Precipitation forecast average
That sensor will tell you how much rain will fall in the time you setup in the integration (default will be 60 minutes) in mm/H.
In the automation you just check if the value is higher then 0 and add a delay to prevent false alarms rain wise.
You can shorten the time to 5 minutes. That should be more then enough time to open the covers.

Just remember to check your coordinates.

Depending on your cover you might also want to check the wind speeds: Wind force

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