Buienradar doesn't seem to update since yesterday

Hi all,

I am having some issues with buienradar. Since yesterday, it doesn’t fetch new data from the API. I find it a bit a hard to troubleshoot - when I restart home assistant, it seems it gets some data, which is written to influx, however, this is the exactly the same data since it stopped syncing.

I don’t have any log entries which seem relevant, so not sure where to start.


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As of this morning it is working again… not sure what happened there

The buienradar api has often problems. Not the fault of HA, the error is on buienradar side. I saw it mentioned on tweakers.net (dutch site with a section about HA) yesterday too.

Ah thanks, good to know. I was planning to use part of the buienradar sensor to control my blinds / “rolluiken”, but that can be a bit dodgy then.

Experiencing the same, intermittent not available.