Building a plug-in esp32 mains device

Background: I am putting a few esp32 devices together with esphome to report some Xiaomi BLE devices - temp/humidity and miflora. I have no problem with getting esphome together.

Desire: I want to have the esp32’s in a “wall wart” type housing, plugged straight into the mains wall plug. I don’t want dangling wires or exposed esp32’s. It needs to be tidy.

Things I have thought of: I first thought of making a 3d printed enclosure housing a male mains plug, a 240 to 3v3 power supply (probably a Meanwell IRM) and the esp32 itself. However this fell down on even finding a panel mount style male mains plug.

Next thought was to use a small USB wall charger, a short USB cable and the esp32 with again a 3d printed shell around the whole lot.

Question: has anybody got any better ideas? I’d prefer not to have to futz around with 3d printing as I would be relying on 3rd parties/maker spaces for this. Is there any commercial or maker solutions for this already? I see plenty of 3d printing cases for esp32’s but none with the power supply built in.

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There’s this:

Thank you @tom_l I was not aware such an enclosure existed. And they have Jaycar in NZ too! It’s on the way to work.