Building an I/O module for HA


I am planning to build a home automation system in my flat and am 100% sold on Home Assistant because of its community and being open source. I would like the system to be comprehensive (many I/O’s for each room) and easy to add to or change. I also prefer wired sensors/actuators because I live in a block and there is a lot of radio noise.

I am envisioning (and planning to build) a solution in which each room has an I/O module with each port accessible from HA. Therefore any new sensor would simply need connecting to the nearest I/O module. To be truly flexible, the I/O modules would also need controllers for Dali, ModBus, DMX, etc. I might settle for just the most popular one, although if they are software based controllers hosted by an MCU, having two or more (on the same MCU) might not be an issue.

Obviously this is a big project but I have previously designed and built a similar remote DAQ system for a company I worked for (ATEX certified if anyone’s interested). I think also now that I am a software developer I miss the hardware aspect and fancy a project!

Is anyone else interested in such a device? I would like it to be all open source and be of use to as many people as possible so would be great to understand any thoughts.

Loxone do a similar system but I hate the cost and the fact that you need to choose from 18 different extension modules! -

Looking forward to any reply!


Have you looked into unipi?
I’m about to start a new build and although I like the look of loxone and the relative"out of the box" solution it is limited to their devices and potential tree topology. I am seriously considering unipi. It’s open source and I think may be quite cost effective, good choice of controllers and extensions