Bulb unavailable after power outage until I restart TuyaLocal

South Africa has regular load-shedding (2h-4h sessions of no electricity rotated through different suburbs).

Home Assistant on a RaspberriPI as well as my router and ISP’s optical network terminal are all on a UPS. When the power goes off the wifi and Internet are unaffected.

After a few minutes, the building’s generator kicks in and power is restored to all my plugs/lights.

I have some Tuya bulbs. They usually work fine and TuyaLocal controls everything perfectly. There are 3 bulbs (out of about 10) that work fine until the power goes out. When the power is restored it reconnects to the wifi straight away (verified by ping) but does not become available on TuyaLocal. If I reload the TuyaLocal integration then it comes back and works perfectly. The SmartLife app is able to control the light and its just reloading on the HASS integration that fixes things.

This didn’t used to happen, but its hard to tell if something developed because of more frequent load shedding or because of a software update.

Tuya generic (bf76----nkoi) by Tuya (Firmware: 3.3)

"home_assistant": {
    "installation_type": "Home Assistant OS",
    "version": "2023.1.6",
    "dev": false,
    "hassio": true,
    "virtualenv": false,
    "python_version": "3.10.7",
    "docker": true,
    "arch": "aarch64",
    "timezone": "Africa/Johannesburg",
    "os_name": "Linux",
    "os_version": "5.15.76-v8",
    "supervisor": "2022.12.1",
    "host_os": "Home Assistant OS 9.4",
    "docker_version": "20.10.19",
    "chassis": "embedded",
    "run_as_root": true
    "hacs": {
      "version": "1.29.1",
      "requirements": [
    "localtuya": {
      "version": "5.0.0",
      "requirements": []

Any help would really be appreciated!