Button controlling a group

Started to play a little deeper with lovelace.
The goal is a dashbord where everything is easy accessible.

I added a grid card, and within that I have som buttons.
In the living room I have some Ikea bulbs. There is a group in Z2M that contains these lights.
So when I tap the living room button they all toggle very nice.
And if I hold the button a new card appears, with all lamps so I can turn them off, on, dim etc individually. No problems here.
It also indicates on the main panel that at least one of them is on.

BUT for the kitchen, I have three lamps, One over the sink, which is controlled by a 433MHz switch, the ceiling is controlled by a zigbee switch and
finally one over the dining table which is an Ikea bulb.

I can’t figure out how to group them, since one is a light and two are switches.

So I tried to group atleast the zigbee devices in Z2M and then added that group to kitchen light area.
I also added the sink light to that group.

Now all works for the zigbee devices, but not for the sink light.

One solution would be to change the sink device to a zigbee aswell.

Some one that have any ideas?

Use the “Switch As X” helper to turn your switches into lights. Then you can use a light group.

Aha, thank you!!

Evening work to get rid of all stupid things I did… :slight_smile: