Button entity does not work in Dwains Dashboard

Hello, I’ve got a problem with Dwain’s Dashboard and button entity. I’ve got a button that triggers board restart. It is integrated through MQTT. When I go to Settings/Devices and Services/MQTT/My device
I see the restart button so everything seems to be fine. When I click “press” it indeed works fine. However, when I add my device to the area and then find it on Dwain’s Dashboard and then push this button nothing happens except an error being showed “Failed to call service button/turn_off. Service not found.” - basically it does not work. It is kinda weird because in fact, this button works but only when it’s pushed not from Dwain’s Dashboard. Any ideas about what is wrong here? I’m a bit confused regarding this error message. Why does it try to find a service “button/turn_off”?

Below you can find a config that I’m sending to HomeAssistant:

  "name": "Restart board",
  "device_class": "restart",
  "device": {
    "identifiers": [
    "manufacturer": "Dev",
    "model": "DevBoard Model",
    "name": "DevBoard",
    "sw_version": "Sw rev default"
  "command_topic": "button_s000010123D_1_restart_btn/set",
  "payload_press": "press",
  "availability_topic": "button_s000010123D_1_restart_btn/availability_topic",
  "json_attributes_template": "{{ value_json | tojson }}",
  "unique_id": "s000010123D_1_restart_btn"