C by ge smart plug integration

I just got c by ge smart plug (model cplgstdblw1). Quick search showing that I need to register it in Cync app, then use its Alexa skill to add to Alexa.

Is there a way to directly integrate it to HA or Alexa, without Cync app? I don’t want to install additional app unless necessary, also local control will be better.


Here’s the master thread for this: C By GE (Bluetooth - Native Google Home Support) - Integrate with Hassio? - #7 by shaikmonster

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As someone who made the mistake of buying a fair amount of C by GE products, I’d take that stuff back if you still can. While they are better since CYNC took over, they do not integrate well with any other brand and don’t work with HA at all other than a few tricks people have done for a half-a**ed approach. Speaking with a company representative, there are also no plans to make their products work with either HA or anything else. They aren’t necessarily bad smart devices, but they are terrible smart HOME devices.

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Not true I recently found this,. It works great