Calendar Events off by a week

I know I saw something about this somewhere else, either here or Reddit, but I have searched both as thoroughly as I know how, and cannot find anything. So, here goes…

Events on the new calendar page in the UI are showing up a week in the past. I.e. I had an event scheduled in Google Calendar for today at 3pm. In the HA UI, the event is showing up for June 2nd at 3pm. I know at least one other person was experiencing the same issue, but has a resolution been found?


No one else has seen this issue? Or am I just stupid and there is an entire thread regarding this that I have been unable to find? If the latter is the case, could someone please take pity on this silly old man and point me in the correct direction?

Let me enable the calendar option in my garbage collection integration to test. It’s the only calendar integration I have.
BRB after a restart.

EDIT: They’re not a week off for me.

Thank you for testing it. I am going to share some more of my google calendars with home assistant and see if they are also off, or of it is just the family calendar I currently share. What is the garbage collection calendar you are using so I can test it also.? Maybe this is something just related to Google calendars.

edit: One odd this I just noticed as I was looking at the calendar again, that an all day event (my daughter’s birthday) is on the correct day. It is just events with a specific time

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So I am not sure exactly what happened, but I added a new item on my Google Calendar to test it some more and now it is working fine. The older items are still showing up a week in the past, but any new items I add are on the correct days.