Call custom service from Node-Red

I am using the Unifi Protect integration for Home Assistant installed via HACS. The integration sets up a few new services that require multiple pieces of data. Below is adapted code from integration documentation for how to call one of these services (unifiprotect.set_recording_mode). I am able to get the code to work from within Home Assistant. My question is how to replicate this service call from a call service node from Node-Red. Any help would be much appreciated.

  - data_template:
      entity_id: camera.camera_office
      recording_mode: never
    entity_id: camera.camera_office
    service: unifiprotect.set_recording_mode

so you need to fill the fields in the call-service node:


something like this:
domain = unifiprotect
service = set_recording_mode
entity_id = camera.camera_office
data should be something like this = {“recording mode”:“never”}

Thank you. It works now. I was using domain “camera” for reasons that now don’t make sense to me.