Call notification form shell

I’m trying to call persistent_notification.create from a shell script, but I can’t figure the correct syntax,
I tried a few things but none of them are working.
can someone help me with this?

maybe someone else will school me otherwise but… i think that’s to be called from a ha script, not shell script.

I think your right I use it in a script…

  service: persistent_notification.create
    message: "Your message goes here"
    title: "Custom subject"

but can I run this script for cli?
I as looking for something like this

hass-cli service call persistent_notification.create

but hass-cli doesn’t seems to be supported anymore

might be worth checking the github page. quick skim says you can.

thanks, that’s what I was looking for,
still have to figure why it won’t compile for me, but this is what I need