Call NR node or service from Markdown card

I’m looking for the possibility of calling a service or http endpoint from UI created with use of markdown card.
The easiest way is to include a link with URL to the endpoint. A caveat of that is that clicking on that moves me to that page which is undesired.

I have a page with statuses of my all shelly devices. The page is generated by NR.
I want to command the NR flow to perform firmware update for selected device. I have to pas this information somehow. I can use service call (I do use svc2evnt) or even easier I can call http endpoint created by NodeRed.

service call: I am able to call it from button card and it works. But I need to incorporate such a call to UI created via markdown card.
HTTP API endpoint: it works, but clicking on the link moves me to that endpoint. I need to stay on the original page.

To give you idea about how it looks like:

Hi! Did you ever solve this? I have an idea where this would come in quite handy.

no. markdown card strips out anything which is not plain html (which is not how it has to work, it is how devs decided to do so).

I’ve tried custom button card with partial only success. It allows rendering of anything, but I failed to make A HREF elements working.
I played a bit with css styles but the card either ignores all clicks or takes control over them over