Camera IP address as template

I recently got updated my router to Tenda MW6. I have 4 Xiaomi cameras which was setup as static IP in my existing router. Now, I am not able to set my IP Addresses as static anymore due to the limitation of the new mesh router.

Using xiaomi camera component, I am no longer able to view the image, as my IP may change. I am trying to change the host name from static to template in the similar to the generic camera. And planned to use the ‘ip’ attribute from device_tracker of the camera for hostname.

Is that a right approach?

You can’t template the IP address in the camera configuration.

Can you reserve addresses for the cameras in DHCP in your router instead of setting static ip addresses?

Unfortunately no web interface for the mesh router and only mobile interface. And no option for IP reservation.

Can you set static ip addresses in the cameras?

Preferably outside the DHCP range but still in your local subnet.

The Xiaomi cameras doesn’t support static IP. Even-though it is just a linux but not saving the settings wrt IP address.

Yeah. finally done with the template and works good. Modified the to accept the ip address from device tracker.

Going to change the weblink too to accept the dynamic IP’s so that I can go to the respective camera page.

can you share an example?