Camery_Proxy_Stream how to? Get ESPHome Camera in Octorpint

Hello guys,

i’m having a little bit of a problem.

I recently bought some ESP32 Cams and they are pretty cool i have to say and i like them, tiny and cheap, although the video stream is enough for my projects :slight_smile:

I tried different methods on the ESP32 Cam:

  • Tasmota --> Cam Stream can not be importet in HA, motioneye or whatever
  • the ESP32Cam Webserver from Arduino --> Quite good, but updating is a hell
  • and ESPHome --> like it, also having many devices configured with ESPHome

Now my problem is, how can i get the stream of an ESP32Cam flashed with ESPHome to “another” place?
Found some hints with the Camery Proxy Stream and that was working a little bit, but only with the short access tokens, long access tokens didn’t work :frowning:
Also found a maybe solution: the api_password function is deprecated, but on github there is a repository which brings this function back, but that’s not the “good” way.

Is there a solution for my problem?

I would like to integrate the stream of an ESP32Cam with ESPHome in Octoprint, because a little ESP cam fits better for my 3d printer setup than a big webcam and i only need it to look if my printer is not doing anything stupid, not for timelapse, so the camera quality would be good enough.

Hope someone has a solution for me (and maybe also others).


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/give it a little push^^

sorry for digging up this old thread, but did you find a solution?
I am looking to get my esp32cam stream into Mainsail…