Can attributes be used without a template sensor?

I have a climate component, and most of its interesting sensors are stored away as attributes rather than distinct entities.

If I wanted to, say, show the fan RPM attribute, I suppose I could create a template sensor, but that just seems redundant since the sensor is already there. Is there a shorthand method to skip the step of creating a template sensor just to read an attribute?

If this isn’t a thing yet, it would probably be pretty ideal if I had another namespace. For instance, climate.infinitive**.fan_rpm**

Take a look at this!

Available on hacs too.

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Nice! I’ll start trying it out.

But even moreso, I didn’t know what HACS was until you sent me this, and now my mind is blown

It isn’t proving to be anything uniquely useful. It might be useful if I wanted to pull 1 attribute from each of 100 lights, but doesn’t really save me much if I wanted to pull 100 different attributes from 1 light.

Yeah I haven’t looked at it in full, and I thought it wasn’t quite what you were after.

template sensors aren’t that hard though.

hey, did you ever get this working: