Can Badges Be Created and Edited in the GUI?

I see that badges are no longer created automatically, and I understand why.

But there are times when a badge is very handy. Obviously I was able to create and delete them in the raw configuration editor once I saw them on the default dashboard.

But I don’t see any way to create or edit them in the Lovelace GUI. Am I missing something?

I also see there are lots of other parameters documented, and I’d like to learn more, but the documentation is pretty sparse. I feel like I could do more with badges if I had an easy way to try out these options, or at least, lots of examples to look at.

And, now that new users won’t see any badges on the default screen, they’ll never even know badges exist. Shouldn’t there be an “add a badge” option, just like there’s an “add a card” in the “Edit Dashboard” feature?

If you edit your view in the UI there’s a tab ‘Badges’.

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Doh! Has that been there all along?


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Looks great… being new to this I have zero idea how to get there to even see that. I’ve been all over this thing and yet to find where to create a badge. Saying documentation is sparse is being very kind to say the least.

Yeah, there’s a steep learning curve for sure.

In your UI (which is managed by “Lovelace”) there’s a three-dot menu in the upper right. Select that, then select “Edit Dashboard.” Lovelace changes to the edit mode.

A the top you’ll have one or more views that you created. Next to the one currently being shown will be a pencil (or is it a crayon?) icon for “Edit View.” Select that and there will be a pop-up. Near the top of the pop-up are three options (like tabs, but without the tab graphics), Settings, Badges and Visibility.

Obviously the one we’re talking about is “Badges.” Be sure to hit Save, then Done, when finished.

Thank you! BUT when I do that I get this…

That’s where all the fun ends :wink:

OK I just created a new UI page so I could edit :slight_smile:

Did you figure out how you got into “YAML Mode” and, more importantly, how you got back to “normal” so you could access the menu?

I think it’s part of our duty as non-developers (on this project) to document the things we learn, since it’s clear that our perspective is very different from those writing the official documentation.

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I created a UI menu so now I have an “Overview” and “UI” page. I go there to create a badge so far so good… I think LOL

I agree I think the more ‘novice’ users can share what they do the easier this will be for newer people.