Can create automations/scenes but not delete

I’ve been struggling with this and ran out of ideas. For whatever reason, I can create Scenes/Automations/Scripts via the web interface but I cannot delete them. In order to delete them I have to manually edit the config file to remove them.

Given I can commit new automations, permission issue wouldn’t make much sense to me. Hoping I’m missing something obvious.

  1. Home Assistant OS latest version (issue has persisted for months over previous versions).
  2. I use the Web UI exclusively for creating automations so far.
  3. My HA user is an admin
  4. Deleting an automation/script I get “Error loading automation (403)”.
  5. Deleting a scene, I get nothing. Just doesn’t delete.



I’m still unable to figure this out. Automations/Scripts/Inputs. Whatever I create, cannot be deleted via the web interface.

The UI can write, so permissions should be able to delete.

Anyone have ideas? I’m starting to run out.

Finally figured this one out. I was convinced this was a HAOS issue, file permissions or something. Turns out it was my NGINX proxy as I noticed when accessing HASS locally not via the proxy that I could delete items. It was my hardening, this line in particular.

Makes sense in hindsight, was just looking in the complete wrong place.

limit_except GET HEAD POST { deny all; }