Can HA create zones on the fly?

Is it possible to have HA create a zone on the fly for triggering climate changes when I’m on my way home?

What I would like is to tell home assistant when I am leaving home that it should automatically adjust the climate settings back to normal when I leave the arbitrary location I am heading to.

So to break it down. When I leave home HA should prompt if I want the climate to return to normal when I leave my destination. If I choose yes, it should monitor if my location stops for more than a set time (say 10 minutes). Then it should create a temporary zone (or geofence) that can be used as a trigger for an automation. Then when I leave that zone it should automatically turn on my normal climate settings.

Anyone have any ideas for how to accomplish this?

To clarify I am looking for help with the automatic creation of a zone. The rest of it I should be able to figure out.

Sounds like the proximity component might handle your use case.

Oh, wow! How did I miss this??? I’ve been using HA for over a year and have looked for something like this for a while.

Thank you that looks like an even more elegant solution than what I was dreaming up.

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