Can HA recognize that a phone is near without adding an app or making any changes on the phone?

Our housecleaner comes every Friday. I currently us ALPR to see her license plate and open the garage door, but that sometimes doesn’t work if she parks too far back from the camera, or shadows align a certain way, etc. I’d like to come up with a backup solution. Is there a way that HA can tell that her phone is at my house without her downloading an app or connecting to my wifi? If it helps, I have a Unifi Dream Machine Pro for my WiFi system.

Not sure if this still works. Bluetooth Tracker works by just seeing the bluetooth MAC passivly and doesn’t connect to it. Not sure if all phones have a permanent MAC.

You can use the unfi integration to create a device tracker for thier phone if you can convince them to turn off MAC randomization when they connect to your WiFi network.

Add That tracker to a person created for them and voila.

You ask a lot…how do you recognize a specific person without some sort of handshaking? Also not sure why you first wrtie to NOT want to connect to wifi and then you add your wifi system…
you could use waze/life360 and then share that with your HA.
camera with facial recognition
she could send an email and HA parses its content/subject

All modern mobile phones OS’es have randomization on WiFi and BT as standard.

Most modern cars have BT. Do you know if that is fixed? If not then that could be used to sense presence.

Then ALPR is just as good. :slight_smile: