Can i do these things - suggestions?

I have a just bought a couple tp link mini outlets, and i am using them locally via the casa app. Long term i want to do a lot more, but i hate the idea of cloud accounts for cameras, lights, doorbells etc. it seems to me that all these guys ( ring doorbell for example)are the next big target.

I would like my own web interface to manage it all. Of i want to secure and expose that to the internet, that is my choice.

But what i want to do over time:

Home alarm - self monitored sensors and some sytem to alert over email or sms over cell
Home lighting - dusk to dawn schedules based on lat/long; outlet and switches controlled via voice
Home window cover controls - Blinds
Voice control - idealy proximity - some mesh of microphones so “turn on lights” could take voice strength into account and i would not have to remember how i named each room.
Home cameras with local accessability
Home doorbell camera with local management not cloud
Android/iphone interface

I know most of this is doable. I am most curious on recommendations for say an alarm system that directly interfaces with say a raspberrypi running home assistant, and do off the shelf devices like tp-link kasa modules require some kind of hub.

I am sure the site covers a lot of this, just hoping for some hints on where to look; or i am using product x and it works great