Can I get information about where the motor position is?

Hello everyone. I have a curtain that is made by Smartwings with a z-wave battery powered motor. I can raise and lower the curtain and would like to be able to raise it to a specific height or lower it to a specific height. Also would like to have something to tell me where the height currently is. As I am very new to HA and zwave, I am having trouble reading the zwave manual and knowing if this is possible. Could someone help me with the manual and let me know if this is possible?

This device does not expose any info about percentage.

The only way you can get that info somehow would be a template based on time between start and stop.

How ever it does accept open, close and stop commands. So you could automate to get it to stop, wherever you want.

Go to the Dev Tools → States page, or click here: Open your Home Assistant instance and show your state developer tools.

Filter for the cover entity name in the “Filter entities” text box. Or, filter for “position” in the “Filter attributes” box. Do you see see a current_cover_position current_position attribute for your cover entity? If so, that is the current position. You will be able to use this attribute in templates and automations.

Also, stay tuned for possible future improvements in HA for this device. There are some planned changes to support the Window Covering Command Class, supported by your device. This provides better control for these types of devices compare to the generic Multilevel Switch command class.

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Here is what I found. I believe right now the cover is opened

I just closed the cover and checked again

it reports current position so you should just be able to set the position with a service call.

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Thank you for looking at this. How would I do this?

open up the entity and there will be a cover position slider

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Please share a diagnostics dump of this device - I just merged a PR that will improve support for devices like this but it could benefit from additional test cases.


Here is what I am finding with the entity

It looks like I can open it as a percentage. I’ll have to check at the window to know if it is at this percentage.

I am not sure how to do this. Happy to help, but need home hand holding. Ty

No problem! Go to settings > Devices & Services > find the Z-Wave JS card > click on the Devices link. Click on the device in question, and then in the top left card, hit the ... and click Download diagnostics

I guess this is what 32% looks like!

It looks that it is too larger to copy into here and txt documents are not supported. Any way I can post it?

you can’t attach a txt file here? If not, open a github issue with the dump and tag me or send it over discord (same username)


got it, can you open a GitHub issue or reach out on Discord instead?

Um…I hate to say this but I have only heard of GitHub and Discord. Which ever is easier and how do I do that?

Got onto Discord. Searched to add raman325 as a friend and it didn’t find anyone

you would have to join the Home Assistant discord server and you will find me there: Home Assistant also my full ID is raman325#4076