Can I modify a single text string for my own system?

Hi, I’d like to adjust a single text string in HA to physically fit the text on my mobile screen (I use Czech and “Fan only” is “Pouze ventilátor” which is so long it looks silly in my iOS app.

I see the string on github in /frontend/translations/backend/cs.json but is there a way to adjust this on my actual install? Or does this get overwritten on every update?


Modifying HA would indeed be overwritten and is unwise, if at all possible on your installation. Using a custom fan component would be a much better idea.

Where does this string appear?

A course of action might be to suggest an alternate translation:

I use the Simple Thermostat card from HACS and it takes the string from HA frontend.

It’s very squished. There is an option to hide the text labels, I prefer not to but I’ll probably do it.

The translation is correct and appropriate, I don’t want to meddle in that.