Can i run a NAS on homeassistant OS?

I’ve got a 2TB hard drive for TimeMachine Backups, but I want all my family’s macs to backup automatically to that harddrive. I have Portainer installed but can’t find any docker container that can do this. Can I just use OpenMediaVault? I have heard good things about TrueNas, but it doesn’t offer a docker container.

I use the dperson/samba container for fileshare/nas

I use this add-on:


Using a single hard drive for backups is not a good idea. When that drive dies, so do your backups. You could just share a folder via Samba or get an actual NAS server that has support for at least RAID1 or better.

Also, no true NAS is going to run in a docker container as they typically require bare metal access to function properly for drive access and array management.

One thing you could do is use something like Crashplan (which is a free, unlimited cloud backup service). This achieves two things: 1, your backups are stored off site should anything disastrous happen at your home and 2, it allows you to have an unlimited amount of data in your backup pool.