Can I use extra gangs on smart switches to trigger automations?


I think I know I can do this, but wanted to check before I go shopping for smart switches.

I have a single light switch controlling a garden light, fortunately it has neutral.

I assume I can replace with a 3 gang smart switch, and use gang 2 and 3 to trigger automations? I have a garden office with a floodlight, I would like to put a smart switch on that and use one of the extra gangs to remotely switch that through HA. I also have a garden garland light connected to a smart extrenal socket that I could switch with gang 3.

Is there any reason why this won’t work? I assume I can use a node-red automation events:state node to detect if the switches are pressed.

Thanks in advance.

There’s no reason it won’t work.

I would say it would work fine.
But it all depends on the integration of the switch.
But if the switch works and the integration works as expected then yes, that will work fine.

Yes you can
With tasmota/esphome/shelly there’s additional button actions you can use as triggers for nodered