Can load cells share the same SCK?

I’m planing on modernizing my meat curing chamber and have a wemos d1 mini that will control the fan based on humidity but I also wanted to add a bunch of loadcells to monitor the weightloss!

Question is, can a bunch of hx711 boards share the same sck? I’ve tried Googling and the responses are varying so I thought I’d ask here.
This is the plan right now:

Theoretically - yes. The clock line could be shared. If some sort of chip select line was used.

But the ESPHome integration is not written to do so.

I am not sure whether this video deals with your question

Ah, I read on the bogde github that it should work that way and was hoping that ESPHome was using that library. Guessing it should work by adding another expander module running the clock of?

No but interesting video anyway! I’ve actually built the same thing already but for my beer kegs :smiley: