Can Lovelace Be Configured in a Way Where it's Context Aware?

Is it possible to use Lovelace to define an interface that changes based on some variable?

As an extremely simple example: Imagine a panel (tablet screen maybe) that is nothing but a large custom card that toggles that room’s light on. However, once the light is turned on, the UI changes automatically to some other configuration of cards.

The goal in this example would be to make it really easy to turn the light on when you enter the room (i.e. you could tap your finger anywhere on the screen you want and the one thing everyone needs first (to turn on the light) would be done) but then once the light is on, the toggle could shrink into a smaller card and the rest of the UI would fill in with other cards, like one to control blinds, another to see the weather, etc.

Is this possible?

Absolutely! I’d have a look at the state-switch custom card in order to accomplish this:

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Amazing! Thank you!!!