Can new floorplan integration use page files with overlays?

I see that Svg files are suggested for the floorplan lovelace integration.

With my, admittedly, limited use of tools such as Sweet Home 3d, I thought that svg files suited 2d layouts. Certainly, when I have exported to svg in sweet home, it looks just like a 2d image from directly above.

I may be wrong with that so stand to be corrected.

However, based on this assumption, I used sweet home to create png images from the Photo option and then manipulated overlays of this png to create lights on/off for rooms. The view is looking down at my 3d ground floor plan from an angle that allows any light changes to be viewable. The overlay pngs have transparent areas created in Gimp.

Online, I could only find manual methods of HA integration of png files, but not with the new Lovelace integration. How can a 3d view be supported by this new method and what would I need to do to ensure I have svg and css files to support a 3d photo-like floorplan from Sweet Home 3d?

Think I have worked this out and am experimenting so will try to close this