Can someone explain Z wave 1.6 add-on and integration as if Im an idiot

…because I am.

I have it working but whats the purpose of the OZW beta add-on and the intergration? Why do I need both to make it work?

And whats the difference between the OZW beta add-on and ZWAVE2MQTT??? Can I use either of these ADD-ONS with the OZW BETA integration?

Openzwave addon (beta) runs the zwave network. The openzwave integration connects openzwave addon to HA.

Zwave2mqtt competes with openzwave addon.

You should use OpenZwave addon and the openzwave integration OR zwave2mqtt, not both.


So I would run zwave2mqtt add-on by itself and would NOT also run a Z wave integration?

You will run:

  • OpenZwave Addon
  • OpenZwave Integration
  • MQTT
  • MQTT Integration


  • Zwave2Mqtt
  • MQTT
  • MQTT Integration

FYI, I believe Zwave2Mqtt is harder to setup on home assistants side. Just a forwarning. OpenZwave is pretty brainless in that regard.


Yah setting up OZW beta was painless but I ran into issue when having to restart the add-on. I have to restart it 10x and hopefully one of those 10, it will start.

Running in on a RPI 4. Best I could come up with through search was some sort of limitation on USB buffer. So i went back to OZW 1.4 but was thinking if i should go to Zwave2MQTT

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Can you clarify how you rolled back?

Just meant I deleted everything associated with ozw 1.6 (mqtt add on, mqtt integration, ozw add on, ozw integration)

But now I recently got my blue hardware (ODroid N2) and don’t have the issues I had with the PI. So definitely something between PI and ozw 1.6 don’t get along good.