Can this universal remote and temp sensor work locally?

just got this pretty slick wifi temperature n humidity sensor. it has built in universal remote to basically turn a dumb AC with remote into a smart AC. it uses the Woox home app that looks identical to Tuya Smart app. so i tried with the Tuya app instead and it works great!!! i can confirm it is definitely now zigbee, only 2.4ghz wifi.
is it safe to assume i can make this only available locally? im hoping the universal remote feature is available in HA, that would be amazing!


Which is it, zigbee or wifi?

Nothing is “safe to assume” with Tuya wifi.

Zigbee would require ZHA or Z2M support.

^ This… anything that is Tuya Wifi on the box and product page requires the tuya or smartlife app to work and they both talk back to the tuya cloud, you can try local tuya or tuya local plugins but imo its a pain in the ass to even bother in the first place to pull the details needed.

I would just go get a broadlink IR blaster hub and program controls that way instead.

Probably has beken chip inside, i’d recommend backing up the firmware first before flashing esphome

sorry for the typo. it is NOT zigbee.

what should i google for to do this flashing?
the device is usb C. i did plug into my desktop and the COM ports do not show up any serial as common with esphome :frowning:

For serial method

For ota method if your tuya firmware version isn’t patched yet