Can you control 3 Home Assistant in one location

Hi Guys, i. have 3 Smartthings hub that is running in my 3 building around my property (2 on the same network and the other is on a different account… ). So far, I can run and control my 3 Smartthings via the Samsung app in one location, I don’t have to switch locations to control the house, shop, or garage. I have 1 Raspberry pi with Home Assistant that is linked to Smartthings via the HA Cloud and it works great!

Smartthings is having issues, lots of. bugs and i wanna get out of there! Can I have 3 raspberry pi running Home Assistant with Zigbee/Zwave dongle and control theme with one account, one Lovelace like I ame doing at the moment?

Thanks for your time!

Yes, there are a number of ways:

Probably best is to run zwave via mqtt. Then you only need one ha instance.

Sounds good, so fare i have tried the Hacs remote Home Assistant and it works good, but would love to try zwave2mqtt!