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Can you get a live rtsp stream?


ok, but actually, my rtsp stream from synology is smooth, its just the ffmpeg platform in HA that isnt smooth
what is your code to embed an rtsp stream? because i used the ffmpeg platform
maybe i cam embed it too? but then use the rtsp stream from synology?


I tried that already… it wasn’t smooth for me at all (from synology), but then again I have (6) 4 megapixel cameras running at 30 fps at the same time… the only way I could get a good stream was from the embed url from motioneye… directly from synology didn’t work for me (after spending $200 on licenses which didn’t work). My synology is under powered (1812+ with 3 gigs of ram and 16 tb of space used mostly for customer backups). I even have motioneye using webhooks into HA for motion sensing (still tweaking it), but it catches motion instantly and turns my outside lights on in 200 to 300 ms


well, i can try , i run synology virtually on a esxi server (xpenology)
using uhhmm not a valid license :slight_smile:
how do you embed an rtsp stream?


In a card you can’t, that will only take an http url. xpenology is legal (from the synology open source), but it is not stable (I know, I had a lot of problems with it). Install motioneye in ubuntu 18 in a VM and don’t look back. Trust me you won’t be sorry.


well, i am running xpenology for over 4 years now, i like it verry much, for me its stable
just dont update as to a higher level, so bootlader 6.1 , stay on 6.1 :slight_smile:
i really like the features from Surveillance:

  • home mode
  • timeline view, (see recorded videos from different cameras in one easy timeline view)

i dont know if thats possible with motioneye?


don’t stop using Surveillance Station… I’m still using it for recordings, just install motioneye for the embed url… that’s what I did… (besides wanting to test the motion setup for HA). Last time I tried xpenology was 5.1, so I’m sure there were issues, but I have an actual synology unit so I don’t worry about it anymore (stability).


Ah ok, clear :wink:

Gonna test that motioneye add-on tomorrow :wink:

Thnx for info


actually, just thought about it… if you can use docker in xpenology, install motioneye there… you can do a quick test, but I don’t know what kind of resources your VM has…


Yeah, gonna play with it :wink:


Hmm, I get camera rtsp stream running in Lovelace UI, but did not find a way how to run it under MotionEye Hassio add-on
Anybody could advice?


put the rstp in the URL under network camera.



If I enter rtsp://my_login:[email protected]/1 to URL field, Username and Password once more in their fields, Camera field remains empty and cannot fill it.
If I press OK, nothing happens.
The same login works under Lovelace UI picture-entity w/o problems :frowning:


go to https://www.ispyconnect.com/sources.aspx and get your specific link for your camera… it most all cases it won’t include login info in your url.


Actually the specific link I have is from ispy.
I use the same to connect to my camera via ispy.


what is the model of your camera?



Originally ispyconnect generated other link :
rtsp://my_login:[email protected]/user=admin_password=tlJwpbo6_channel=1_stream=0.sdp but with it ispy did not work.
Afterwards I searched net directly from ispy and it came (amongst other not working) with the one I am using now.
But in both are credentials embedded into the link.


Odd stream url… the only stream I see under your manufacturer that looks logical to me is the one for 6024 model /h264_stream… did you try that one? i’d put it in like rstp://ip_address/h264_stream and see if you have access (if your camera is capable of h264). My cameras (hikvision) have multiple streams and I can select output streams.


Hm, I gave it up with MotionEye.
Thank you anyhow :+1:


No Problem.


I’m pretty sure you don’t include the username and password in the URL. Just in the dedicated boxes for username and password.