Can ZHA devs add statistics for "radio type" used in ZHA integration to Home Assistant's Analytics?

Could Home Assistant’s analytics integration be extended to also get statistics about “radio type” and Zigbee devices ZHA users are using?

Can ZHA devs add statistics for “radio type” user uses in ZHA integration to Home Assistant’s analytics integration component and web site?

Currently, Home Assistant’s analytics only show statistics about how many (opt-in) users have installed, not anything more about ZHA, and I think it would be great if could see some more details about ZHA:

Analytics integration for Home Assistant is opt-in only and “radio type” should not be sensitive however it would help give a rough indication of what types of Zigbee Coordinator radio manufacturers are the most popular with the ZHA integration within the community.

I would like to think that for ZHA developers and end-users both it should be especially interesting to know and keep track of trends on how large percentage of the userbase are using; ezsp, znp, deconz, zigate, or xbee as their “radio type” in ZHA integration (e.i. radio libraries for zigpy).

Data analysis of that could then maybe be used as statistics to try to convince manufacturers to actively contribute to ZHA and zigpy.

PS: As a concept idea for next step for analytics could be to start tracking Zigbee Coordinator firmware version as well, and perhaps also which brands or models of Zigbee devices are trending, and an average of how many Zigbee devices the ZHA userbase has paired/joined to their Zigbee network, (+ the maybe analytics could also start tracking and showing collections of the same kind of statistic for Home Assistant’s Z-Wave JS and Thread integrations).

Other than that blog-post I think this video also does a good job at explaining why have more analytics: