Cannot add TRÅDFRI remote control with deCONZ/CONBEE II

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It seems I cannot add my TRÅDFRI remote control to my HA setup.
I have successfully added a xiaomi temperature sensor and that seems working fine.

Stupid question: it can be connected via the CONBEE II and no IKEA hub is needed right?

I’ve got a couple of the 5 button hockey puck remotes hooked up with it?

Right… But how? When I follow the simple instructions, pressing the button 4 times, the led indicator flashes few times but right after it starts pulsing red… Eventually the deconz reports that the pairing failed.

once you’ve hit it 4 times, and it’s flashing, try holding it down (while the deconz is trying to find it)

Well, this did not work at all. Huge disappointment really. Especially since my Smartthings hub has picked up e remote straight away.
So right now I have pulled the Conbee from my setup.