Cannot discover google mini cast

I rebuilt my HASSIO installation. Everything works great but for the life of me I cannot get HA to discover my google cast devices.

Yes, they are on the same subnet 192.168.1.X

I try to add the integration and it says no google cat devices found on network.
I tried manually adding cast and devices in configuration file and after restarted still does not add them.

What am I missing? I’m running on virtualbox but that shouldnt matter as this worked on my last installation.

Firewall on either the host or HA VM?

Discovery use multicast dns (mdns), you need to make sure multicast traffic is making it through to the VM.

Negative. VM is standard VM with HassIO so no firewall. Host firewall is off, verified. This is crazy because it worked on my last install. Only difference is last install I was running Hass supervised and now running HASSIO.

Looking for naother method to troubleshoot.

If I add them manually to config file they show in known devices file but do not show up in devices or entities.

I give up. Ive tried everything I’ve seen others try, firewall, all my stuff is on same network, same subnet, disabled any antivirus, devices are pingable from HA etc…

Ok, figured something out. It can find them if I’m connected via lan cable straight to my router. But if on wireless it does not.

Anyone have any insight as to what I can change on wireless to make discovery work for google cast?