Cannot get ESPhome working and I feel like an idiot

I have been attempting to install the ESPhome integration into my Home Assistant, but no matter what I do, and no matter how many documents I read… I just dont get it? What am I missing? Do I need another ESPhome server? Here’s what I see…

Screenshot from 2021-06-05 18-45-22

I am sure this will be an idiotically easy solution… so I apologise…

Are you sure you have understood the whole process ? I guess you have installed already the ESPHome plugin in HA, then you’ll need to program some ESP devices by writing yaml sketches in ESPHome and then flashing them in the ESP, and then you’ll be able to add these ESP as integrations in HA (your screenshot !)
Perhaps RTFM no ? :laughing: Getting Started with ESPHome and Home Assistant — ESPHome

No, the ESPHome integration wont install… I keep getting the screen popping up and it wont install.

Install the add-on from the Home Assistant Community Add-ons: ESPhome

If i understand correctly you go to integrations -->add integration → ESPHome, right? Above window is NOT ESPHome add-on installer, but it wants IP of your ESPHome NODE - node is an external device, running ESPHome firmware and a bunch of sensors attached (like ESP8266 wifi module). So, there enter IP of your module.
If you want to install ESPHome module (i mean editor), you must do this via add-ons, like @pepe59 suggested.

So I go here and install the ESPHome add-on…

And then I get…

Screenshot from 2021-06-05 18-45-22

I assume that is the place I should be adding the plug-in?

Ok, understand now… (groan)

Apology folks… managed to mistake integration for add-on.